Best Price on Tidy Cat Litter $3.99 20 lbs!!

Here’s how you can get 20 lbs of Tidy Cat cat litter AND a free bag of Purina treats for just $3.99!!

Target has 20 lb containers of Tidy Cat litter on sale for $6.99. That’s a great price as it is. But, you can also print a $2 off coupon from Look in the Pets section. You can print (2) per computer.

That brings the price to $4.99.

At you can print a $1 off coupon. Print 2 per computer.

That brings the price down to $3.99.

On the Tidy Cat containers, look for a peelie coupon for a free Purina cat treat.

Give the cashier the free peelie coupon first and make sure that actually credits you for the treats.

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